Be my Beta Contest! Plus: fresh THRESHER Teaser!

Be my Beta Contest!

I'm looking for a Beta for the first novella of The Siren Breeders. What's a Beta? That's a reader that loves my work and reads it before it's published; gets to see it FIRST, in all its unedited glory. I'm the Alpha 'cuz I wrote it and you'd be the Beta. (That's the extent of my Greek guys so don't get too excited)
The Beta has to meet these requirements:
~Totally dig my work,
~Offer insightful feedback which will ultimately improve my work for my cool readers,
~Be a confidential person and
~Enjoy getting a free copy of the book they Beta'd.

This is actually a contest!
See below~
The winner of the Be my Beta Contest will win a free eCopy of THRESHER and get to Beta the ARC copy of EMBER for release on November 22.

If you meet the requirements listed above then leave your comment below and I will select the winner via It's as simple as that.

Note: there will be a special surprise that I can't list here for the lucky winner, but if you like my writing style, this one thing may be worth it for you! *Thanks so much for your entries.


Now... for my loyal readers who have lately shown me just how Righteous they Really Are, an excerpt from today's writing:

Written today, September 3

She was naked, except for the bra, now a strip of material hanging off one shoulder like a scarlet flag, drenched and floating in the light breeze in the chilled and damp air.

“I smell the seed that has been laid in your womb by the Reaper.” His deep blood-red eyes met hers for a moment as he stabbed his finger in her wet channel, made that way by the two or three drops of Druid blood he had coursing through his veins. “I will fuck the spawn which grows out of your belly and replace it with my own...”

Rachel screamed, kneeing him in the gonads. Hard.

He laughed and extracting his finger with a vacuum sounding suction out of her tightness, he used his palms to spread her legs and hung suspended over her.

No one was more stunned than Rachel when Holly kicked the vamp in the head.

If it was luck or something else, they'd never know because he hissed at her, his dick swinging like a divining rod above Rachel and she sat up quickly, latching onto his abuse stick with one hand.
She bit him. Hard and deep, her teeth meeting and his back bowed as he howled. Rachel's cheek opened with the strike he laid against her and she fell to the ground, stunned and helpless.

He'd checked his swing or she'd be dead, his pleasure organ a hanging piece of bloodied meat between his thighs.

Rachel watched in horror as it began to heal.

“I will not be gentle now, witch.” His grin turned feral and Rachel cried softly.

Dazed, defeated and about to be degraded, Rachel closed her eyes against certain abuse....

~ ~ ~ ~

*The BmB Contest will end on midnight, September 21st.


  1. Holy shit!! I've got goosebumps and tears!! Poor Rachel!!! And I'm betting it's Con!!! Aghhhh!! You're killing me with this teaser!!!! Oh and I'm pretty sure I might qualify for the contest! And i promise I can give honest feedback!! Count me in big time!!! <3

  2. Okay, I really need to get caught up on this series. Great writing and please enter me. Pretty please. The excerpt was fab. :)

  3. Would love to Beta for you and I can't wait to see how you are going to end this!

  4. Tsk... tsk, not telling. I will say that Con is huge in this installment. And it's writing itself guys! Lovin' it :D Good karma from you guys makes all the difference, I'm sure~ :)

  5. I'd be the perfect Beta!!! I love your writing style so much I bought and finished the entire available series in a matter of days. Days! I was so hooked and invested in the characters that I couldn't put the books down. God I can't wait for Thresher!! Teasing excerpts only make the wait that much more unbearable, but they're so worth it!!

  6. Great Teaser! Would love the opportunity to be a beta ~ I have done this for a couple other indie writers. I am opinionated, brutally honest, and confidently isn’t a problem for me.

  7. Thanks for your entries!! This is a really specific contest with a long timeline (Sep. 28). I will have two other contests for opportunity to win THRESHER as well; stay tuned!

    Everyone will have a chance at a free eCopy of Thresher. I like to give my books away to loyal readers so each time one is scheduled for release, there'll be a contest. :D

    You guys rock!

  8. I'd be a great Beta because I READ NON STOP AND I LOVE YOUR WORK!I can never get enough of it.I'm also good at finding typos so I'd be a great choice Thanks for the oppertuinty to enter! :)

  9. I would love to be your Beta. I'm an avid reader who Absolutely LOVEs the Druid Breeders Series and so looking forward for Thresher. I find your dark erotica so sexy and captivating.

  10. OMG!!! Very nice choice as a teaser! I will be absolutely rabid by the end of September!

    Please enter me in the contest to be your Beta Tester. I meet all of the requirements, but most of all, I absolutley LOVE your work-- refer to my reviews =;-).

    Good luck to all contestants!

  11. Mother of 5 who has lots of lonely nights while hubby is at work.. I have raved about your books in the school play ground to other mums!!! Enjoyed every thing I have read!!! Though only one tiny part I didn't like... Was when the exotic Druid used the 'willy trap' kept wanting her to have a wash after!!! Think it might have been more enjoyable to hurt con more if he was butt raped by fellow fraction!!! Please make me your beta ...would love to have the chance to be of service in any way ;) although your work seems pretty dam perfect lol

  12. The books certainly keep you enthralled...not just the hot and steamy but also the stories. Didn't expect Zach to die which is rare for me. I almost always know where a story is headed. As an avid reader since I was four, I have read everything. My favorites range from Huxley, Tolkien, Shakespeare, Card, Dostoyevsky, Orwell, Austen, Herbert, Hugo, Lewis, Stendhal, Wells, Bronte (both), Wilde, Dumas...well the list is endless. I also love contemporary writing and particularly paranormal,science fiction and fantasy fiction. I think I would be a great beta. I'm good at catching writing faux pas and I am a dedicated reader. I read the Breeder series 1-6 in three days. Finally, I am about as confidential as they come.

  13. Okay Readers, ten entries so far! The BmB contest will close on midnight the 21st! Be my Beta for EMBER chosen by Thanks so much and keep the comments coming through Friday! You guys are the greatest...

    xo Marata

  14. Absolutely love your style of writing! The words make the reader gasp and I've caught myself holding my breath at some points. Continue the good work!

  15. @Blueiz... thank you so much! I hold my breath too! Haha.... I don't mean for it to be like that but it always is, lol:) Take care and thanks for writing!


  16. Really though, I downloaded one then the other and finally the third.. All in a matter of 2 days .. Then to see that I had to wait for the next ... 'Sigh' you do have a gift with words.

  17. @Blueiz God love ya! I so appreciate your compliment. It makes everything worth it that I can entertain peeps with my stories. TY! :D

    You won't have to wait long!


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