THE SIREN BREEDERS Cover & Blurb Reveal!

Coming Thanksgiving 2012!
Novella One of The Siren Breeders

November 22, 2012

When humans and the Mer cohabited in peace a millennia ago the races were perfectly balanced. As time passed,  the differences in their physicality caused a chasm they couldn't breach and the Mer removed themselves into the sea and allowed humans to rule the land.

When the maidens of the Mer grow scarce, an elite warrior force is put into place to scout for the rare females who still retain the blood of the Mer. These unique females can replenish a female population that has grown dangerously low.

Can the Mer Warriors fight to save their race from extinction while navigating a culture that no longer holds to the Old Ways? Do the rare, mixed-Mer human females desire to mate with the Mer males? Or will the clash of beliefs and freedoms prove too much to overcome....


  1. Sounds awesome lovely! Love the cover!!

  2. Thanks, Angie!!! :D Isn't this guy a stud-muffin? Same model as PLOW. Keep coming back to him....


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