Reward REAPERS Readers!

First, let me thank all the readers that HAVE posted their positive reviews on Amazon!!! You guys *rock*!

If you haven't had the chance, please do so HERE

Everything rides on this first novella and it is critical to the continuation of the series that it gets in the hands of the correct group of readers! You can be a part of that.

Team Druid!

It's just 20 words to write a review and currently, REAPERS is getting flogged (not that flogging can't be exciting on some level *winks*) but for the future of the series it is critical that readers voice their thoughts. It is dark erotica and I've been very clear in my disclaimer on my product page, but somehow, a small but virulent faction of readers have ignored that and left a review for a work that didn't suit their taste and was downloaded in ignorance. That should not speak for those of you that DID download deliberately, right?

Don't let the Haters Dominate!

Thank you!

<3 Marata xoxo

*In explanation: REAPERS currently enjoys a 4-star rating on iBooks with 48 reviews and an almost 4-star rating on NOOK with 34, respectively. These sites allow full reviews OR star ratings. Essentially, it is easier to leave reviews on sites where all that is required is a star rating and this is why REAPERS has a more balanced rating on those sites. But Amazon is the Big Cajon. That is where the readership is largest....


  1. Just found the book and you while browsing ibooks for some fresh new reads. I searched your name for further information about you as a writer and your work, which is how I ended up here, and what I always do when considering new authors. I think if you download an author you are have no knowledge of and especially after said author has listed obvious warnings of questionable content in the reading material, and then are offended...well, that's your own fault and should not be reflected on the author or their work with reviews. That's just tasteless. Anyhow, finding this and seeing the bit about about Amazon reviews, I'll read on my kindle instead and add an honest review. Since I am new to your work, I can't say how good of a review it will be. However, it will be honest and won't fault the book for questionable content since I am well aware of what I'm getting into from the start. I look forward to reading. Good luck with your work. --MJCM

  2. That's all I can hope for. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment(s)!

    I hope you enjoy REAPERS! :D

    Marata xoxo


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