Readers: Help Get A HARD LESSON FREE!

Please go to the Amazon product page located here: HERE

Then where is says "Tell us about a lower price," Insert the following URL into the slot where they ask for a link:

I WANT my readers to enjoy this first short story in a series of 8 for FREE. It's been free everywhere else for about a month and Amazon has not price-matched it yet. Perhaps if enough readers TELL THEM ABOUT A LOWER PRICE, they'll do it!

Thanks so much! Marata xoxo

Readers are rating AHL at a 4-star on Apple (based on 18 reviews)!


  1. So i downloaded reapers from kindle app. But when i went to try and read it. It was completely blank.

  2. Hey hi, sorry you've had a problem with downloading REAPERS. I know that it's downloading just fine to Amazon. They have a cross-checking method that's fool proof. I also have it on my FIRE. Try going here: to download the Mobi file.

    I wish I could be of more help but this may fall into a technical area where I can't claim responsibility for. I know my files have been correctly downloaded. I'm not sure how different apps work?

    Thanks, Marata


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