Watch for a Blurb and Cover Reveal for a Full-Length DRUID BREEDERS!

That's right, Readers! Digging on Druids? What happened at the beginning? You want more backstory, more special women that have what the Alphas vamps need? The answers are coming!

The Druid Breeders

Coming Late Summer or Sooner!


  1. Cant wait, love these alpha males, wish nathan had a happier ending though

    1. Me too. I felt a little bad about him because he was an unsung hero. There will be more though. I can't write another male.

      Currently, in an effort to NOT make my readers wait for the full-length, I will begin work on a second volume of The Druid Breeders, novella #4- titled, SOW.

      Thanks so much for your feedback!



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