Readers: Do you want a full-length DRUID BREEDERS?

Post your comment about a Druid Breeders full length novel HERE!
The Druid Breeders Trilogy was my first foray into novella-length and I'd like to try a full length novel if enough readers are interested.
Love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I just read "Reaper" and loved it but when i saw the second book had less than 50 pages and have pay a couple of bucks, that turnef me off!!!!!!!! I would pay for a full length novel but not a short story!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for reading REAPERS! I currently have this first book in The Druid Breeders Trilogy for FREE everywhere but Amazon (I am patiently waiting for price match there at any moment). In this way, by offering the first book for free, I give readers an opportunity to "try" the first book, then if they really feel they like it, they can support my work by purchasing the subsequent installments.

    I felt that if The Druid Breeders Trilogy garnered interest (it has), then I would go forward with a full-length. Full-length works (to be professional) really require the attention of an editor and a decent cover artist. (I know, I have several full-length works already published under my real name.) The money that I make from the novella trilogy will help pay for a full-length worthy of my readership. That's my ultimate goal, the best product I can offer for my readers.

    Thanks so much for your feedback! Marata

  3. I read the free book "Reaper" and bought the second book "Bled" through ibooks. I wanted to purchase the third book "Harvest" through ibooks but it is not listed. I did find it on Amazon but it is cheaper through ibooks.

    As for writing a full book,I will be watching to see if and when it comes out. I would purchase it in a second. I found the first two hard to put down, although it was not hard due to the length of them. I would very much like to see a full length book and look forward to reading it.

  4. Hey Dawn, thanks for writing :)

    I use Smashwords to distribute all my books to other retailers (such as Apple, Diesel, Sony, Kobo, etc.). Unfortunately, it takes a little time to "bleed" through to everyone. HARVEST should be available momentarily.

    It's no 'if or when'! Lol!. I get the books out when I promise. Once I have a ticker on the blog, it'll happen! You may have noticed I have tickers up for the novellas to continue and this is my first foray into that length. I write full length under my "real" name so I'm actually more accustomed to that length (4 times longer than REAPERS).

    That is awesome feedback that you found the novellas to be suspenseful, I am getting that same feedback from others. It's really helpful! It gives me a sense of what's working.

    Thanks again and please watch for updates. I am a fanatic reader myself.



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